4 Tips On How To Teach Pupils Composition

Most teachers wonder how to teach primary pupils to write composition. Here are 4 useful tips for teachers to refer. 

1. Start with their interest
It is easier for pupils to write about something that really interest them. If a pupil likes about animals, start with topics around this area. It is very hard for a pupil who loves animals to start writing about cars because the interest is not there. Once the pupils become comfortable in writing the things they like, teachers can then start to venture into other topics which might not interest them that much.

2. Using list of keywords

Before giving a writing task to pupils, teachers can also pre-select a list of keywords for each paragraph of the composition. These keys will let the pupils to understand what is supposed to be written for that paragraph. Teachers can mix and match the keywords such that some are nouns while others are verbs. This mixture can better enable the pupils to sketch their writing ability.

3. Spend more time writing and reading
To teach pupils to write well, teachers need to ask them to write a lot. A lot of practices are needed to train pupils to write decent composition. However, before pupils can actually write, they must have the input and here is where reading becomes necessary. Let pupils read variedly to enrich their vocabulary and ideas.

4. Creating an outline

Teach the pupils how to create an outline of the writing. For primary level, pupils will not have much problem in guided writing however teaching pupils on how to create outline will definitely beneficed them in their future essay writing. The outline of a writing will help pupils to maintain the logical progression from the beginning to the end. Once the pupils understand sentence construction, they may have difficulties in keeping the logical context within the paper because they will be focused solely on creating sentence units that are only grammatically correct. Teachers should teach them how to relate those sentences to one another and stick to the outline.

Hope teachers may find these tips useful. 
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