[Latest!] UPSR English Paper 1 (013/023) Marking Tips

Given that UPSR English this year is using the new format, many teachers are not sure how to award marks for subjective questions of Section B. Hence, here are some tips of marking Section B of UPSR English Paper 1 (013/023).

  • 2 marks awarded for correct and relevant answers.
  • 1 mark awarded for answers with punctuation, structure or/and spelling errors.
  • 0 mark for distorted or no answers.
  • 0 mark for totally unclear or incomprehensible answers.
  • 0 mark if one part of the sentences contradicts the other.

Also, teachers should remember to:

  • Award marks accordingly with correct or logical statements.
  • Award marks for answers with errors that DO NOT disrupt the meaning (understandable).
  • Award marks for intelligent lifting (from the text given).
  • Award marks for reasonable answer(s) to a question that requires personal response.

Teachers are also reminded to use your discretion and good judgement for correct answers in term of expression and structures use. 

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